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December 12, 2017

Arts & Entertainment

4 Entertainment Announces Joint Venture with The Original Band – Music of Abba

Los Angeles, CA, December 11, 2017 –(PR.com)– 4 Entertainment, a leading organization in entertainment consulting and management, will embark on a joint venture with The Original Band – Music of ABBA to develop the Band’s tour, sponsorship and merchandising opportunities. 4 Entertainment will create, supervise, coordinate, and implement a marketing strategy that increases the band’s

GamerSaloon.com Now Accepts Bitcoin

Detroit, MI, December 08, 2017 –(PR.com)– GamerSaloon, an 11-year veteran and pioneer in the esports industry, announced the official Bitcoin integration within its video game tournament platform serving more than 1 Million gamers. “This is a historic move in esports and marks the future of digital distribution of funds in the skill-gaming industry,” said CEO

Micro Music Festivals – Public Performance Opportunities at Restaurants/Bars

Atlanta, GA, December 05, 2017 –(PR.com)– Open Mic Entertainment, Inc. has launched a new operations division, “Micro Music Festivals.” By refining the live-music, inclusive, model of open mics, Micro Music Festivals attract music-lovers and performers to venues, across the U.S. “Our ‘Micro Music Festivals,’ provide a stage for emerging talent and musician-hobbyists,” stated David Craver,

HavenCon Proudly Announces the It’s Your Haven Foundation for LGBTQ+ Geeks, Gamers and Creators. Sets Live Stream Event for December 8th and 9th.

Austin, TX, December 05, 2017 –(PR.com)– HavenCon is excited to announce the launch of the It’s Your Haven Foundation, based in Austin, Texas. The foundation promotes inclusivity and diversity at their annual HavenCon convention, which gives marginalized creators and attendees the opportunity to explore “geek” fandoms from their own perspectives while supporting each other and

L Taco Mexican Cafe Grand Opening

San Antonio, TX, December 05, 2017 –(PR.com)– L-Taco Mexican Cafe will present a Grand Opening event, taking place at 12311 Nacogdoches Rd. on Dec. 6th, 2017, 4:00 PM to 6:00PM and featuring San Antonio Chamber of Commerce board, directors, special guests, associate ambassadors and many more. L-Taco is proud to bring its Grand Opening to

Podcaster Awarded Top Fundraiser by South Oakland Shelter

Franklin, MI, December 04, 2017 –(PR.com)– On November 18, 2017, the South Oakland Shelter (SOS) held the “Dancing with the Detroit Stars” at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan. While the event featured a friendly competition among some of Detroit’s noteworthy personalities, it also served as a celebration for a successful fundraising campaign by those

Team Sahlen, Presented by honeybeeBase.com, Secures Overall Victory in 3 Different Series for the 2nd Straight Year

North Canton, OH, December 04, 2017 –(PR.com)– During the 2017 season, Team Sahlen, presented by honeybeeBase.com, competed in 3 different endurance sports car series: American Endurance Racing, World Racing League and ChampCar Endurance Series. Each series offered a unique set of car specs and competition rules that the team had to adjust for. At the

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