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September 23, 2017


Ukraine’s Strategic Importance to Washington

While the cold war is over, tensions between the two global superpowers; Russia and the U.S. have still not thawed. There are a string of incidents that have caused these tensions to rise of late. Starting with the George W Bush administration’s push to have Georgia and Ukraine admitted to Nato in 2008 which posed

Women In Government, Inc. Statement on Violence in Charlottesville, VA

Women In Government condemns the violence that transpired in Charlottesville, VA. WASHINGTON, DC, August 15, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Women In Government, Inc. (WIG) condemns in the strongest possible terms the violence that transpired in Charlottesville, VA over the weekend and the injuries and deaths that resulted. “Violence toward or suppression of civic participation based on

Responding Irish nanny who raised Donald Trump

Friendly concierge, who in the ’60s and then, still in use by the first wife of Donald Trump and raised, Eric Trump, 32 and 34 Ivanka This is the Irish nanny who helped raise the children of the President-Elect, Donald Trump. Dorothy Curry, Belturbet, Co Cavan, has been working for the billionaire and his former

Trump: The main provisions Obamacare remains

US President-elect Donald Trump says he is ready to leave an integral part of the health care law President Barack Obama. Mr. Trump, who promised to repeal the law in 2010, said he would keep a ban on insurers refuse coverage for pre-existing conditions. He told the Wall Street Journal that he also favored allowing

Trump - Monster or Hero

Trump, Monster or Hero – Serious Question, Scary Answer

Don’t Pull That Lever Until You Read This Book! The 2016 Presidential Election Day is getting close. There are only a few short weeks away before voters choose the next President of the United States. The global communities are looking to the USA and which candidate they will choose to elect. The critically acclaimed book

Hillary Clinton

How to distract people from your incompetence – Hillary’s recipe

Hillary already shared her cookies recipe with us. But she doesn’t want to share a comprehensive political and economic program with the voters, which would adequately address major issues facing contemporary American society. Why? Probably, because she doesn’t have one or we won’t like it much. Instead, she tries to distract us with fictional threat

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