Ladi Anne has a penchant for clever wordplay and a voice that can hypnotize. For the first single from her new album RIDE, she teamed with dancer Marion Crampe, whose artistic credits includes a performance at the Ellen Degeneres show.

Villas is a touching piece in which its emotional effect is being proven by its global success on its first week of release, making it to the top 100 most viral videos on the Youtube charts.

This is what the musician stated about the project on her website:

“I wrote this song as a tribute to my father, Villas, who passed away in 2010.
The roller coaster of feelings I went through in this experience is merely impossible to be put into words, so I decided to let the sounds of a piano alone speak for me.

I’m grateful. I’m thankful and I am blessed to have known and called that man my father. I publish this song with a smile on my face because I know we’ll be dancing to it together.

I dedicate this to my father and to your special someone, who’s invited to join this dance with us.

Ladi Anne”