Entertainer KashaKasha is an American R&B, soul and pop singer and songwriter. With prestigious National and international awards from best artist to best song of excellence.

She first became interested in performing as a five year old in the chorus at Brooklyn’s St. Luke’s Church.

In school from JR High to high school, Kasha became the lead singer of the glee club, which she attributes as being the start of her goal to become a musician. Kasha has said in interviews that the death of her mother when Kasha was 14 has also motivated her to follow her dreams of becoming a musician. And remembering her mother as always forever in her heart.

Kasha’s mom, the backbone of her family passed away at the tender age of 14. Along with being the main support system for the family, Kasha’s mom was also the inspiration behind Kasha’s love for music. In these difficult times, her older sister, Tamiko stepped up and took care of Kasha and her brother. Her sister ensured that both, Kasha and her brother stayed on the right path and did not wander away and guided them till the time that they were adults. However, Kasha had fallen into a deep sense of depression upon her mother’s death and it took quite some time for her to re-emerge out of it. Her mother was everything to her, guide, friend, and mentor into the challenging world of music.

However, owing to Kasha’s resolve and dedication towards music, this tragedy only strengthened her. She immediately started her long journey to achieving her goals; taking every step with her mother in her heart and soul.

At 16, Kasha knew she had to educate herself about the music industry and that’s exactly what she did. She went to the library and Singer Kasharead up on trademarks, copyrights and all of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the music business.

She became a member of ASCAP and would attend weekly meetings to further her education on the music industry. She now has her own publishing and writer’s situation at ASCAP as a result. Grammy Nominee producer Todd Terry Remixed the Single I Want You. Kasha’s Single, “I Want You” was first aired on WBLS FM by Kevin Hedge, and DJ Louie Vega however, the “I Want You” remix was released first, in 2012. The original was released 2014 into 2015.

Her first single “Leaving You” was released in 2004, on a compilation Album which received airplay on New York City’s KISS-FM. And sold and Harlem’s retail chains.

Released party of this particular song was performed 1st at Harlem’S State Building. The community supported this project. This is something you do not here about Community support. For the artist.

This is really what made Kasha Stand out from the rest. Being optimistic at all times.
Subsequent single releases included “I Want You”, which was remixed by Todd Terry, and current song “Hero”. Shake your Body, King of my castle and a Song Called Brother.

In a bid to take control of her career and help other artists, Kasha launched her own publishing company Kasha Entertainment, registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

Kasha was named Unsigned Female Artist of the Month in September 2013 by online music publication Star Magazine, and has featured in articles in Hype Magazine and Hip Rock Magazine, as well as bi-monthly hip hop publication Mafia Magazine. Her radio interviews include WBLS FM radio station in New York. KSPR Power FM San Francisco Radio Stations and LA FM’S Radio stations.

Kasha is now focused on recording music for a range of television and film projects, as well as recording videos for her new music.