Written by Schoen Aed : Yesterday, in his winter escape from New York City, Kobi Arad utilized his Israel time wisely to gather prime members of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra (Drorit Falk – Violin, Enrike Maltz – Cello and Yuval Kaminkovsky – Viola) and perform a new groundbreaking composition by Arad in a Tel Aviv Jazz club, ‘Shablul’.

Kobi Arad is a Stevie Wonder collaborator (a succesful co-production in 2005 with Stevie Wonder’s manager Stephany Andrews and Stevie himself); A Grammy Awards official voter, he is also a recent winner of silver medal from Global Music Awards.

The composition performed yesterday found a full-house crowd in Tel Aviv’s jazz club, ‘Shablul’. A reflection of Arad’s Doctorate in Third Stream, its also a landmark in mixing compositional and improvisatory elements in a single piece. Arad states “I first began using the idea of what I call ‘Anchor Lines’ in my duet CD with Roy Ayers couple years ago”. He continues, ” Its not a standard or theme, rather a melody which serves as a beginning point for improvisation”. In this composition, to which Arad has yet to find a name – he gives the ‘Anchor Lines’ a new twist, by using them in sequence, following slight transformations every single measure. Kobi Arad then uses the repeated, avant garde-minimalist lines, as rhythmic drones to improvise upon.He transforms the contextual harmonic environment of the strings’ repeated lines, by introducing surprising melodic lines and voicings each time.

This project is a side-kick to Arad, who considers his main career avenue to be in the US. “Previous year I assembled 21 Grammy winners and Nominees in Los Angeles (Feb. 12th 2016), in the request of Mr. Claes Nobel of Nobel Peace Prize”, Arad says. “It was an awesome experience, having all of those guys recording as a choir with the African band ‘Ganda Boys’. His song ‘Forever – Original Tribute Song for Prince’, which utilized a similar group of Grammy participants, has just won him a silver medal from Global Music Awards.

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