As gamers, we understand how irritating trolls can be. You’re playing your game, you’re having fun, and BAM! Trolls are here to ruin everything. You might have had a decent night but one single troll can diminish all the fun you had. What’s more infuriating is the experience of using some so-called “LFG” website or app to look for good players and end up with a ton of trolls. Even if you somehow avoid the trolls and score a highlight, you don’t know how to get the footage on your phone and share it among your friends.


And that’s where Modchat come in.

Modchat– Overwatch update, is a companion tool for Overwatch gamers. The next level of game companion app! It’s free, it’s fast, and it’s the easiest way to narrow your search and find the gamers you want to play with. It simply works. The app is equipped with various mods to support the latest games. The all-in-one app saves you the hustle to download a new companion app for every, single, game, you, play.

Modchat will redefine the way you meet other gamers, provide you stats/rank tracker, awesome career profile, news, memes/fan art, best tips & guides.

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  • Stats /Rank Tracker: simple to share your unique profile to your friends  from pocket! Synchronize with Blizzard’s official data, PC,Playstation,Xbox gamers can easily check hero’s radar chart ,global ( US, Europe, Korea) rank
  • Overwatch News: Brings you the latest patch notes, new heroes,  YouTube videos, guides to get to master your heroes.
  • Overwatch Channel &groups: A communtity for ALL OW gamers to chat freely with memes, flairs, teamspeak,voice ,message.
  • OW LFG: easy and effective to matchmake using the profile data, find like-minded heroes to party up
  • GIF Mod: Convert your “PLAY OF THE GAME” clip from XBOX ONE/ PLAYSTATION  into a .GIF , sends it directly to your mobile phone.

Besides, we supported more communicate function like:

  • Team speak
  • Multimedia
  • Friends invite
  • Add friends
  • Create your own group.

Check out the instant mobile chat app designed for gamers. Use Modchat you can reach gamers around the world.

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Download Modchat and enjoy your Overwatch game journey!
Download ModChat from Google Play Store and Apple AppStore from here.