A research into Black sites made me come along these top ten sites, dedicated to promoting and fighting for black. Check them out yourselves.

11. The Huffpost Black Voices (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/black-voices/)

With close to a Million facebook followers, the Black news site is a section of the HuffingtonPost with news stories of all categories. The site is a mega platform where most Black news are discussed and voiced. Interestingly  and very uncommon about other Black news sites, the Huffpost Black Voices has broken-down categories including gay voices, latino voices, comedy, women and a Huffpost live section, which specially features live streamed videos of interviews and highlights throughout the week. Huffpost Black voices is the news outlet with all Black-related exclusives.


2. Black Matters (https://blackmattersus.com/)

BlackLivesMatterUs is a-fast-growing news outlet with a strict commitment to the Black community of America. The site has over a hundred thousand Facebook followers who actively deliberate and discuss news ranging from police brutality to activism and racism. A study into the site showed its pledged allegiance and attitude to Black news. As a growing site, Black Matters  recently added to its news categories, such as a “your voices” section which allows subscribers to contact the Black Matters team for interviews, and assistance. Also, the BM team invites victims with all forms of problems to get their unheard stories and voices written on and aired. For exclusive Black related news, Black Matters is surely the site to visit.

33. The Root (http://www.theroot.com/)

Another famous Black news outlet which promotes Black culture and not only, but shares the rarest news on Black Americans and Black on the whole. This site also produces very accurate and in-depth analysis of its news which have been sorted into different categories including the site’s exclusive “The Root Tv.” The site’s users also have the chance to view the “National Black Calender” and many other Black history resources and news. Another cool feature of ‘The Roots’ is its “The Chatterati,” which features top hashtags, top re-tweets.

44. Black America Web (http://blackamericaweb.com)

The Black America web is a multi-functional site for Black people, with in-depth news of all kind from entertainment to politics and celebrity news, all discussed on one platform. There isn’t a single piece of news that hasn’t surfaced on this site. Like most Black sites, Black American Web has an online dating section, which links people of all walks, especially Black people.

55. The Grio (http://thegrio.com/)

Another fast growing site with shortened but perfectly analyzed Black news. The site has been one of the few upcoming sites with exclusives and “breaking news” about Black all over America and the world.  For shortly analyzed black news, The Grio is the site to visit.

66. BET (http://www.bet.com/)

Very popular Black Entertainment Television also known as BET is undoubtedly one huge site where black entertainment is best showcased. Everything that has “entertainment” on it, is on BET, from Black TV shows, to Black Celebrity news and Black fashion. The site’s BET NOW APP enables its users to watch episodes and exclusive clips from BET shows. In a nutshell, BET has it hall.

7 7. Urban Belle (http://urbanbellemag.com/)

Urban Belle is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sites for black celebrities, black celebrity news, urban gossips, and the rawest source for what’s hot in today’s black culture.

88. Black Planet (http://www.blackplanet.com/)

Black planet is a social world on its own. Initially designed for Black people, the site has gained popularity even amongst White fellas. BlackPlanet gained considerable publicity when then-Senator Barack Obama began using the site on October 5, 2007, during his presidential campaign bid. Within 10 days, he had gained nearly 200,000 friends. In an online poll conducted by the site, over 2/3 of BlackPlanet’s online community stated their intention to vote in the 2008 election. On March 30, 2011, President Obama had 450,579 friends on BlackPlanet. BlackPlanet has features from socializing, personal network creation, discussions, and even job sections. The site’s name definitely describes its functions – It’s a world of its own.

9 9. BlackCupid (http://www.blackcupid.com/)

BlackCupid is one of, if not the leader in black dating sites. Successfully, the site has brought thousands of black couples together. The site is championing its efforts to provide Black singles with the opportunity of meeting  other single. The BlackCupid is free membership network in the USA with an easy to sign-up interface that allows users to review match profiles after signing up. With its mobile dating and instant chat features, users can find their matches in minutes. Also BlackCupid operates in over 30 reputable dating sites and connect people worldwide. Now, black singles definitely find their perfect matches world wide within seconds.

1010. BlackSingles (https://www.blacksingles.com/)

A site that has seen big progress since its operation in 2002. Aside providing singles with the opportunity to meet other singles, the site exclusively provides dating advice for women. The site has an easy to operate interface with a conducive online dating atmosphere. Although the search system is a bit sophisticated, its user-friendly features will definitely lead you to a new exciting dating experience.