SurveyMonkey – an online software system designed for collecting and filtering data – is supposedly partnering with Opiria – a company specialized in protecting customers data and aiding them in selling this to companies. While this potential move may come as a surprise, after a closer examination, it is revealed that it would provide a great opportunity for both companies to improve.

SurveyMonkey has helped millions of people and companies to create surveys, collect feedbacks and opinions regarding different topics, in order to achieve their goals. They are well-known for their professionalism and results.

Opiria is a dedicated company possessing a noble goal and the resources required to see it to fruition. They plan to raise the awareness of the importance of personal data and promote security for user’s private information by means of blockchain technology.

Up until now, Opiria has undergone significant growth, having a clientele that includes Fortune 500 brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, General Motors, and Nissan among many others.

A partnership between the two companies could hasten Opiria’s timetable of delivering superior security to internet users on a global scale. By working together, they could develop high-quality surveys for companies to employ when harvesting data for future prospects. Due to the distrust instilled into people as a result of the constant personal data infringement, most online surveys are very likely to be filled with deliberately inaccurate information in an
attempt to protect their precious data.

Truthfully, as of late, companies have encountered many declines in practical and serviceable product development success, and they require accurate data from potential consumers, in order to deliver targeted merchandise. This has started a domino effect where companies no longer understand consumer needs, continue to manufacture uncalibrated or even outright unwanted products on a large scale, that collapse more than 3 out of 4 times;eventually leading to billions of dollars wasted annually.

Opiria offers a profitable solution for both companies and consumers, with the potential to disrupt data handling for the foreseeable future. By putting consumers in direct connection with companies, and by paying consumers for their data, Opiria ensures that the information provided will be most accurate and valid, which will in turn aid companies in their goal to create desirable products.

The combined power of SurveyMonkey and Opiria will deliver relevant information for companies through well-designed surveys and would create a more trustworthy relationship between the two parties, which will lead to a well-oiled infrastructure for viable product development.

SurveyMonkey ’s proficiency combined with Opiria’s innovation would result in a powerful partnership that has the capacity to mend broken relationships between companies and consumers; potentially ending the corporation-hate that has plagued people’s minds for so long.