Hunterdon County Small Claims Court is under fire for abusing their influence to shape the outcome of cases involving local businesses as plaintiffs.  In short, the courthouse is secretly providing special privileges to in-county businesses, to aide them in winning their cases.

One such case is based on the medical clinic, The Doctor Is In. This Urgent Care practice files several cases per month with the Hunterdon County Small Claims Court, generating substantial court fees.  These fees greatly help in funding the County Court. In return, the court affords the company special privileges, such as access to court records, office faxes, and copy machines. The Doctor Is In is even permitted to send faxes to the judge while their case is before the court.

The unsuspecting defendants in these cases are never offered any of these perks, and remain completely unaware of the underhanded behavior taking place behind their back. When questioned why companies like The Doctor Is In are empowered with unrestricted access to the judge and the court office, the court answered that the billing manager for The Doctor Is In is an attorney, and the court allows lawyers these special privileges. This would be an acceptable response, If the billing manager of The Doctor Is In was actually an attorney. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and the statement by the court was a weak attempt to sweep their corruption under the rug. Furthermore, the County Civil Division Assistant, Amy Guinan, has been quoted as saying, “(some businesses are) frequent flyers here and bring many cases before the court”. This hardly explains why said businesses should receive special treatment and secret benefits not accessible to others.

Has the corruption at the Hunterdon County Civil Court gone too far? You be the judge!

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