Without any doubt, the extensive search for the best rehab centers in the whole nation of the USA brings our quest down to Washington. Washington is known for the wide range of rehab centers they have in their care.

The rehab centers in Washington have helped several people in improving their health and mental conditions to be standard and normal.

One good thing to note about the rehab centers in Washington is that they all apply the same principle of the twelve step program into their treatment method for patients.

If you are looking for a good rehab center around the USA either for yourself, your parent, your siblings or for your spouse then I suppose you run a thorough check on these rehab centers in Washington explained below.

Rehab centers in Washington explained

1. Residence XII Kirkland

This is a rehab center in Washington which is specified for women for the sole treatment of alcoholism and chemical addiction. Here, the treatment given allows individuals to choose their desired time frame to stay in the rehab center.

Most patients stay for 3-5 weeks in this rehab center and some others even extend their stay.

The programmes are based on the twelve steps and they also offer outpatient treatment and equally continuing care programs.

2. Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centre

This is one of the best rehab centers in Washington as they specialize in the treatment of those with drugs and alcohol addiction.

Their kind of treatment is varied, comprehensive and also includes inpatient and residential treatment, outpatient programs, long-term treatment, family programs, medical support services and several other services.

The Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centre made this list due to their outstanding treatment to patients suffering from specified addiction of alcohol and drugs.

3. Seattle Drug and Narcotic Centre, Seattle

This is a very long-term residential treatment facility for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction for both sex (men and women). Their services also include childcare program for those who bring their children with them.

This establishment also has a 12-unit apartment complex for aftercare living.

Several staffs’ members have also completed the program themselves.

4. Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers, Tacoma

Dated back to 1983 when the first patient of this establishment was treated, Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers is assumed to have helped 100,000 addicts and alcoholics on their way to recovery and fulfilling life.

Equally, their treatment options are varied and also comprehensive and it includes inpatient and residential treatment, outpatient programs, long-term treatment, family programs, medical support services and many more.

5. The Centre for Alcohol and Drug Treatment, Wenatchee

This rehab center in Washington works in almost the same way as the others mentioned above.

They specialize their treatment with the addicts of drugs and alcohol and they equally offer a varied and comprehensive treatment and it includes inpatient and residential treatment, outpatient programs, long-term treatment, family programs, medical support services and many more.

6. Sundown M Ranch Yakima

The Sundown M Ranch Yakima is located on 30 acres at the entrance of the Yakima River Canyon. Sundown M Ranch is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center for both youths and adults.

The programs they offer include detox, individual therapy and group therapy, aftercare planning, physical exercise, and more based on the needs of the specified individual.

7. Olalla Recovery Centre Gig Harbor

The Olalla Recovery Centre Gig Harbor offers an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program to adolescents and adults and they also make use of suboxone treatment.

What makes this rehab special is that they do encourage their patients to participate in individual and group counseling, relapse prevention, aftercare groups, education groups and more depending on Unique of their patients

8. Sound Recovery Centre, Puyallup

This is a highly recommended drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility that offers a variety of treatment options, including massage therapy, dual diagnosis treatments, cognitive behavior therapy, wellness programming, 12 step program, etc.

Their approach to treatment and recovery is holistic, and they seek to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

9. Schick Shadel Hospital Seattle

Schick shadel is one of the best Washington rehab centers,it was founded in 1935 with the basic understanding that alcoholism and addiction are diseases, Schick Shadel Hospital continues to treat their patients according to this knowledge.

Individuals who are looking to recover from drug and alcohol addiction are treated at Schick Shadel with counter conditioning.

The rehab centers in Washington discussed above have almost the same characteristics which they are usually characterized and they are listed below:

  • They offer residential and outpatient treatment
  • They offer both adult and teen addiction treatment
  • They offer dual diagnosis treatment

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