Hillary already shared her cookies recipe with us. But she doesn’t want to share a comprehensive political and economic program with the voters, which would adequately address major issues facing contemporary American society. Why? Probably, because she doesn’t have one or we won’t like it much.

Instead, she tries to distract us with fictional threat from the outside. And the threat must be massive so that no one would care about minor things like absence of any sensible political plan. Of course, Hillary chose Russia. Her anti-Russia propaganda knows no boundaries and paranoia, promoted by her media, is devastating.

Taking into account the fact that Hillary is a neoconservative and follows neocons foreign policy, everything falls into place. Neoconservatives view Russia as an important obstacle for creation of global empire controlled by the USA. Hillary never tried to hide her attitude towards Russia.

Hillary Clinton

The latest example of Hillary’s anti-Russia propaganda is the story with the DNC hack. She tried to blame everything on Russia, claiming that Russian hackers and government are behind the leak. Her devoted media didn’t even try to check the facts but proclaimed Russia (and Trump, of course) the enemy number one. All Hillary’s bribes and crimes were shown to the wide public – how dare they!

Her Attempts to play down corruption scandals in the Clinton Foundation and divert attention from the falsification of Democratic primaries look really pathetic. Clinton and her close associates allegations against Russia are groundless. Though anti-Russian hysteria of such magnitude has not been seen even at the height of the Cold War, in the Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan era.

Hillary is the first presidential candidate under so many investigations at the same time. And she even doesn’t try to clear her name or – at least – to apologize. She is too deep in lying and bribing, she can’t give up everything now. The only way for her is to blame everyone else in her crimes and ignore all the questions.

Hillary Clinton

Trump is now catching up Hillary in polls. For Hillary this means time to use heavy artillery lying. That’s why she says Trump is supported by Russia. But wait! She is also supported by several foreign leaders (like Saudi Arabia.) To make it worse she needed something bigger. That’s why an unknown hacker who hacked her personal server turned out to be a Russian spy! Saudi Arabia has never done something like this.

Unfortunately, this seemingly impossible to check lie was busted. The hacker himself revealed part of his identity. And…he isn’t Russian. Sorry, Hillary.

Clinton’s tendency to blame other countries for her own political miscalculations and provoke international conflict to distract people from truly relevant problems should be a call for everyone, who prizes peace and stability.