Don’t Pull That Lever Until You Read This Book!

The 2016 Presidential Election Day is getting close. There are only a few short weeks away before voters choose the next President of the United States. The global communities are looking to the USA and which candidate they will choose to elect.

The critically acclaimed book Trump: Monster or Heroauthored by Mohammed AlAnjari is invaluable as it addresses the question of who Trump is and his policies. This well researched book with 100 infographics delves into why Trump and his proposed policies are completely against the best interests of both America and the world.

September 26, 2016 was the first official debate between Trump and Clinton.

“Trump exposed himself during the debate and clearly showed the difference between him and Secretary Clinton. He’s not able to speak in the language of numbers, offer solutions, or remain on topic. Whoever watched or listened to the debate would recognize that Trump is empty of detailed knowledge. Trump only brought general claims without facts and figures. Do we expect this kind of person can succeed in managing the United States?

Trump demonstrated in the debate that he’s very empty and I believe the following debates will be the same. You could see his weakness in this critical situation by interrupting Secretary Clinton more than fifty times. He can’t handle these presidential issues due to his weak understanding and lack of knowledge of critical numbers and statistics.

Trump’s body language was clearly not presidential. I’m sure he hates these debates because he knows they’ll clearly expose his weaknesses through the questions and direct comparison with Senator Clinton.

The debate also really emphasized for us that Trump has some hidden interest in Russia. He defended it at every opportunity and brushed off the recent hacking attack of the Democratic National Convention, saying that it could have been done by China or even a 400 lb. man on his bed. This is even though experts have said the evidence points towards Moscow. He brushed this off in front of everyone even though it is such a sensitive issue; he should be ashamed of himself.

After finishing the debate he remained to answer media questions because he knew he had made such a mess.”

There was a poll conducted by a Public Policy Polling Group in December 2015 which was designed to see the attitudes of the supporters of the various candidates at that time. From the results which were both astonishing and frightening is that 41% of Trump’s followers were in favor of bombing the fictional city of Agrabah from the animated Disney film, Aladdin. Think about where this mindset has taken them to openly admit wanting to commit the crime of destroying what they believed to be a real city. This poll is not a specific topic I mentioned in the book, but it’s important to raise the issue of the risk involved in placing someone such as Trump in power with that type of supporters behind him.

Trump speaks about the friendly countries with which America has deep, long-lasting relations in a very offensive and aggressive way, openly to the people. He said:

“The Gulf states have nothing but money. I’m going to get them to pay. We owe 19 trillion, we’re not paying for it. Don’t forget, without us, the Gulf States won’t exist.”

Do you believe someone who speaks like this publicly can take America and the world in the right direction?

President Obama said after his recent meeting with the rulers of the Gulf States in April 2016:

“The fact of the matter is friendship and cooperation between the United States and Gulf countries has been consistent for decades”

Trump’s methods however, would break down international relations and would encourage those friendly countries to seek opportunities and alliances elsewhere.

America is the nation that leads the rest of the world, so it’s a tremendous responsibility as to who to elect as President.   It’s the responsibility of the American voters to prevent Trump from reaching the White House.