logo_1001[1]It is certainly the case when small business owners feel highly strung or edgy while peddling off their business. That’s pretty natural too. There is a lot of mental hard work required such as evaluating the basics such as the sale price, legal documentation, projecting the business online; well that’s actually too much of a mess. Not anymore, with ExitAdviser.

Amidst the pool of business for sale websites and crazy amount of advertisements and due to dearth of knowledge, buyers find it difficult to get to the appropriate business seller. So is the case with sellers. The business that they have put in their hard work and dedication requires to reach to right person while trading it off.

Instead of listing your business on an over-crowded business for sale website, a Bunch of experts that are available to serve you 24×7 for a full fledge counselling, offer a direct route to buyers through Google search and pay per click ads. Not only that, all your concerns and dubiety of technical as well as non-technical aspects of trading your business to the end user seems to be resolved over this online tool that helps all your process finish smoothly without any days, weeks and months of hassle.

ExitAdviser is a prodigious and a user-friendly tool that pens down the cumbersome business selling task into four simple steps:

Starting with CHECKING YOUR STATUS where this tool communicates your business selling plan to others willing to buy one. This process takes place with the help of Google analytics online advertisement campaigns.

Second being PREPARING THE SALE where in ExitAdviser’s Business Valuation tool takes care of the baseline price, sale memorandum and the basic review of your business both internally and externally.

Moving on the most important and crucial part, MARKETING; helping creating a landing page for you where it becomes easy for buyers to find and directly reach to you and hence completing the process by CLOSING THE DEAL where final negotiations, processing of legal paper work and due diligence takes place.

The three basic tools like Business Valuation Tool, Sales Memorandum tool and Go to Market are the heart of this online tool. Recently found in 2013, this Cloud Based Service has helped a lot of small business owners by providing them with the leading cutting edge knowledge resources and easy to use templates that are now a boon to such sellers available online.

ExitAdviser thereby creates a credible baseline for you to sell your business where the buyer and seller can have simplistic yet confidential route to satiate each other’s needs.

This is what Joseph Blygges, a former small business owner from New York says: