The “Cyber Risks & Blockchain” conference in St. Petersburg is a fantastic opportunity to unite with researchers, practitioners, likeminded and investors – about 1000 participants!

Guests of the conference are business owners, directors of IT & Security, leaders of innovations, cyber experts, block-evangelists, investors and everyone interested in innovative solutions related to data protection are invited to participate in the conference.

Today’s cyber threat is an integral part of a new definition of a digital business-risk. Occasionally it can be technically challenging to counter and control a cyber threat, but it is required to constantly look for solutions to it. To ensure bigger efficiency of information exchange, the conference provides a discussion panel in a form of round tables.

Due to the involvement of companies representatives from various spheres: financial sector, health care, telecommunications and other, You will be able to obtain several points of view on solution of the problems connected with cyber risks, estimate them and make conclusions about viability of applying them in particular cases.

Innovation is key for finding solutions and staying ahead of the curve, differentiating your brand and acquiring a competitive advantage over other competitors. But what innovations does the market offer and how are these innovations used?

The organizer tried to make the conference “Cyber Risks & Blockchain” packed with practices to the uttermost, and with this objective in view specialists are invited to participate —30 speakers of the conference are opinion leaders, experts and practical individuals, researchers and scientists. Such interesting personalities are among them:

JOSEPH CARSON is a cyber security professional and ethical hacker with more than 25 years’ experience in enterprise security specializing in blockchain, endpoint security, network security, application security & virtualization, access controls and privileged account management. Joseph is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), active member of the cyber security community frequently speaking at cyber security conferences globally, often being quoted and contributing to global cyber security publications. He is a cyber security advisor to several governments, critical infrastructure, financial, transportation and maritime industries. Joseph is regularly sharing his knowledge and experience giving workshops on vulnerabilities assessments, patch management best practices, the evolving cyber security perimeter and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

LARS ANDERSEN – BLOCKCHAIN & SECURITY EXPERT, IoT & FinTech Entrepreneur (Denmark) – he has 30+ years experience in business law, IT and business development. Specializing in IoT and FinTech. His theoretical background (at BSc. level and above) arises from my three main interests: IT/Tech, economics/finance and business law. He prefer to set the new industry standard, instead of following other people’s outdated standards. New technologies and untraditional thinking works when he update, reconstruct and optimize businesses, which has been successful in the past.

OLESYA DANILCHENKO – Member of Advisory Group on Finansial Services EC3 Europol -she will talk about the structure and trends of payment fraud and cyber risks aimed at financial institutions in Ukraine, will conduct a comparative analysis with Europe. It will tell you about logical attacks on ATMs (typical for Ukraine only) – software skimming is a unique phenomenon that is not found anywhere except Ukraine, but from which payment card issuers all over the world suffer.

ROBERT BALDOCK – CEO CLUSTRE Co. (UK) – has been conceiving and delivering innovative solutions to major institutions for all of his 40+ working years. He is a serial entrepreneur in the IT field. His main talents are building a business, rapidly growing incomes and providing innovative solutions. His portfolio includes such companies as: BLOOMBERG (new Energy Finance), TESCO, THOMSON REUTERS, SAINSBURY`S, DELOITTE , LLOYDS BANK, BIBBY (financial services), LEBARA mobile,AZTEC, HSBC, GOV.UK SAMUEL DOE (China) – is a serial entrepreneur with over 28 years’ of experience across various industries such as: video games/software development, mobile, internet, social media, digital vending, food & beverage, maritime, and automotive. He specializes in developing and bringing to market early stage startups and scale-ups – with a strong focus on monetization. Samuel has personally worked with: Intel, HP, Microsoft, Symantec, Google, Yahoo, Excite, EA, Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Midway, Activision, Hasbro, Mattel, Vivendi Universal, Digital Domain, Lucas Arts, Dream Works, Samsung, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Westfield Group, Simon Group; as well as other reputable technological organizations. Samuel’s favorite quote is this: “Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future”

PAUL SCHULTE – President of the Financial Technology Club (Hong Kong) – his basic research combines analysis of credit and banking activities to obtain a clear and reliable view of the stock markets. The results of his research work always offer ideas for trade practices that effectively help investors to receive high returns. Currently, he pays special attention to new research by FinTech, InsurTech, IOT(Internet of Things) and artificial intelligence (AI), which, with the development of Blockchain Technologies, will soon dominate the new rapidly developing banking arena. Has a successful experience in project implementation, with whom he will share at the conference.

FELIPE DAGUILA –HEAD JAPAC GOOGLE (Singapore)– as Head of APAC Strategic Products and Partner Management at Google,
creating the digital ecosystem of the future. He is committed to implementing business models and technology solutions that change the way customers view an organization, trust its reputation, and use its products and services. Felipe is certified PMP, ITIL and has a PLD in Executive Education from Harvard Business School and Managing in APAC with INSEAD”.

A parallel world which can get hold of Your intellectual or tangible property, databases, cause emotional distress – it exists and is capable of causing an enormous damage where noone expects it and can bring chaos to everything You value. Emotional distress is not covered by any insurance programme, and there is no Protection Act against moral damage in Russia, it is very hard to identify it and moreover to find a way to submit a claim to an untraceable cyber swindler. Mr.Stanton – the founder of P.B.STANTON ESQ – with a 30-year legal practice experience in the American market, will speak about experience in moral redress in other countries as well as many other
burning issues of the digital world.

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The performance as a speaker will give you a great opportunity to share your deep experience with the target audience customers. Your customers are your new opportunities!

Startups will be able to present their projects for general discussion of the interested audience of potential investors and clients – in this case the conference offers a unique opportunity for them.

Exhibition at the conference is the chance to spend hundreds of business meetings over two days, the effectiveness of participation is obvious: to reveal in the right light the advantages of your product or service, to get a direct connection with the client.

For individual participants of the conference, Business and VIP zones are organized to conduct business meetings with potential partners without interruption from the conference program.


The conference will take place at one of the most modern venues in Europe and Russia – at the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Center of Saint-Petersburg With a variety of appealing opportunities, the conference is also focused on cultural networking: the business program of the conference includes cultural events that allow you to combine business discussions with the contemplation of the beautiful.

The conference also sets the tone to transforming the Northern pearl of Russia into a real Centre of International Cooperation – the beauty must flourish, knowledge must expand and thus people must become smarter and kinder and not feel any borders. Borders – a relic of the past, but we are talking about risks in cyberspace and about Blockchain – a technology, where no borders exist and where a new modern world is being formed together with a new view, true human relations and trust to partners.