Instagram is the thing of the millennial age. Over the past few years, Instagram has received admiration from millions, but along the millions, there are also a few thousand that criticized it. The truth is, Instagram is not much different than any other social networking application. However, it has led the world into an age where communication is no longer the same. Over the past couple of decades, thousands of mediums have been introduced that allowed us to express our thoughts like never before. Although there is a lot of fun in using these applications, and sometimes they can also be used for recreational purposes but there is more to it than meets the eye.

Instagram is full of pictures of cute animals, cars, natural marvels etc. But, there is a trend growing that can’t be understood. The trend is headless photos. We aren’t talking about the murderous-serial-killer type of headless photos. Just body parts, no heads. From men posting pictures of their abs to underage girls doing the same with slightly lesser clothing, and not the decent kind, Instagram is filled with all sorts of strange things that are not prevalently dangerous – at least at the first glance.

What Could This Mean?

What this basically means is that there are thousands of men and women that post half-naked or sometimes completely, pictures on Instagram. You don’t have to specifically search for such pictures, the 50 hashtags they put on every picture makes sure of that. You could just be browsing through the #Sports section and could end up with a bunch of women posing half nude in the gym. For some, that is the beauty of Instagram, while most think otherwise. This content is then accessible to every adult, teen, and tween on the planet without restriction – and nude content within the hands of underage children isn’t something you should take lightly.

How Is This Harmful?

Teens and tweens who have never seen what’s below the waistline of their opposite sex shouldn’t have access to such content. This results in pornography becoming an obsession and this obsession can usually force them to do something that they might regret later on in life. This should be extremely alarming for parents. If you see your child’s grades falling, or if he’s using his phone on the dinner table every night, or if the light in their stays up later and later every night, then it is probable that your child is getting addicted to something. This something doesn’t always have to be porn, but in most cases, it is.

What Can Parents Do?

There are a number of things parents can do. Talking to their child is probably the best thing to do in such a case. But, there’s always a chance that even after all the promises they make, they might go back to doing what they did before. We would strongly suggest that you keep an eye on them even after you have a talk with them, but discreetly. If you’re clear about the fact that you distrust the teen, it might make them distrust you as well. This could highly jeopardize your relation with the child and could result in the teen staying locked up in their room for the better part of the day.  So, in this case, there’s only one thing you can turn to, and it is TheOneSpy

What is TheOneSpy?

TheOneSpy is a Parental Monitoring Application or shortly a Spy app. But, it’s not just a spy app, it’s the best one in the market. TOS is loaded with a ton of features that are specifically designed for concerned parents that want to keep track of their child’s activities. TOS can support a bunch of platforms, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows – Hence, you name it, TOS has it. TOS can monitor almost every social networking website out there, including Instagram. TOS can easily track each and every picture you child post, along with all the posts that they can see themselves. It can track the following and unfollowing lists of the target device in the real-time. It can record all the posts that the target likes or shares also all the ones that they comment on. It can monitor the chat in the DMs, which you wouldn’t be able to view otherwise, along with the original time stamps. TOS can transfer all this information to the Control Panel, on your personalized account along with data from any other social network app you might be monitoring. Thus, TOS makes sure that you can retrace all the steps of their children, no matter what they do, or when they do it.

Author Bio:

Elizbeth is a writer and blogger with exclusive skills in Digital World. She loves to write about technology, digital parenting and relationship issues. Currently, she is working on cell phone spy application to secure your loved ones. Follow her on twitter @elizbethsewll6