New Concept Technologies –  ATEL re-brandable mobile & desktop dialers with multiple features for Calling Card Operators and other organizations.

ATEL  mobile and  desktop dialers owned and operated by New Concept Technologies allow SIP based calls to be used on 2G/3G/4G/WiFi on Android,  iOS based smartphones and desktop computers for Windows, Mac and Linux. Even on poor internet connection, the call quality on the ATEL Dialers remains superb hence the love by organizations around the world including notable calling card companies.

Using it with our award winning softswitch, Internet Telephony Service providers (ITSPs) can offer calling card services, conferencing solutions, virtual numbers or DID, VoIP termination,  call center with integrated CRM tools and click-to-call solution among many other features. Also, this Softswitch is self-sufficient in itself and does not require any third party applications to work.


ATEL rebrandable dialers may be used by phone or calling card operators around the world to increase profitability

ATEL software is re-brandable and can be used by organisations, both government and non-government as well as the call centers looking for a high quality and convenient communication gateway.

ATEL dialer provides a good call quality even on poor internet connections which makes it much sought after by the calling card companies, international organizations and education institutions. The dialer can be used with ATEL class 5 Softswitch and billing software or any other SIP based soft switch.

VoIP calling is revolutionizing the communication industry in more than 70 countries, owing to the fact that it offers a number of advantages over traditional communication facilities. For instance, the ATEL dialer software features unlimited calling and conferencing options along with call recording, call hold, file transfer and upload options and SMS or Group chat options.

Atel DialerThe ATEL software also stands high on security aspect as it offers encrypted password storage and encrypted instant messaging with off the record messaging option. The user can also protect the password with a master password and chat with encrypted authentication. The software also provides DNSSEC support as well as TLS support and certificate-based client authentication.

Using the ATEL dialer will not require any operators code and it works perfectly in VoIP blocked countries too. The organisations and companies can also get the software customized as per their business needs. The ATEL dialer mobile app by New Concept Technologies LLC is available for download at iTunes and Google Play Store. The user will be able to see the demo and test the software for its free call function as well as SMS, chat, file transfer and other features.

New Concept technologies are one of the leading companies to offer communication technologies and VoIP services since 2008. With offices in Australia and the USA, the company is actively contributing to the telecom industry by providing innovative and advanced communication technologies to the organisations and companies.

The products offered by the company are compatible with SIP-based applications and equipment manufactured around the world. The ITSPs can use the turn-key system by NCT without using any third party applications. More information about the company and its services can be seen on

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