Neo2 Square Software for Binary Trading Option Systems has just been launched, with the beta testing having been completed just the previous year. Ever since its public launch, it has created quite the buzz amongst investment and trading circles.

There are numerous companies out there offering Binary Options Trading, so the question to ask here really is how is Neo2 auto trading app different from the others.

Well, for starters, the Neo2 isn’t an elaborate scam like most other binary trading systems are. Just one look at the binary trading option services, and you can make an educated guess whether it’s a fraud or a genuine trading site.

Neo2_autotrading_softwareWe used the trading service provided by for quite some time before penning down this review. As they saying goes, the customer is the final judge of the product, so read the review and let us know if you still think that the Neo2 auto trading app is a scam or not.

Starting at the very beginning, Neo2 has a very simple interface that assists even the first time traders to get around all the functionalities. The process of joining is also very well streamlined.

The very first step would be to open an account with your signal provider and open an NEO2 account. Fill out your correct details in the member area.

The minimum amount of investment that Neo2 currently accept is $250 into the Options Trading Broker Account. All the brokers mentioned on the page are fully trusted and verified.

Neo2 Software also has the much appreciated Auto Trading feature which will enable you to set the risk level to the bare minimum and a trade size to $25.

The most critical part while analysing how good a trading service is by studying the algorithm it uses and the success rate that it has clocked. has invested highly both in terms of money as well as efforts into developing its own unique algorithm. For the first in the investor circles, that you have a trading algorithm that takes into consideration the factors like weather predictions and environmental predictions to assess the future assets thereby minimising risks in the underlying trading commodity markets. This kind of innovation was previously unheard of in the trading industry and is the precise reason which sets off apart from other online binary trading options scams. This algorithm is the sole reason why the company has been able to post an impressive success rate of a whopping 86%.

Dr. Jack Piers, one of the four eminent professionals who founded Neo2 Software Trading system, says that it is possible for a trader to make more than $1000 a day if you have a wise sense of investments and based on your starting capital seed amount.

Neo2 auto trader also has this amazing feature by which you can set your investments on auto pilot and the algorithm and the trader bot will do all the rest of the stuff including buying and selling of assets, stocks, currencies etc.

The auto pilot feature also has the additional option of setting your risk to the bare minimum and the trading amount to $25 so that if you’re not too sure of how the trader bot will handle your portfolio, you can at least check it out on a trial basis using the minimum amount ensuring minimum loss.

Given that the profits clocked by Neo2 auto trader’s bots are an impressive 86%, you can be rest assured that you will earn a handsome profit by the end of the day.

One more of its impressive feature is the multi-platform support that Neo2 investment app has developed. The software can be easily accessed from your laptops, iOS, Android and even your Windows devices. This makes the trading interface extremely smooth and fun to use. The user friendliness of the interface, something which Amit Gputa, one of the founders was very keen on, is something that has contributed immensely to the investment software’s popularity among traders.


The Neo2 Trading Software works with an algorithm designed specifically to deliver speed and efficiency in number crunching and data analyzing which in turn helps you to bid and trade stocks and assets faster than anyone else.

Reading all this, we’re sure no one of you feels this is a scam any longer. A trading service wouldn’t have gone on to provide so many features if at the end it was just going to scam it’s customers.

The Neo2 software trading system has been in beta testing since the past year and has just recently been released. While currently the service is free to use with no extra surcharges for any of the features, there are plans to soon monetize the service for new clients. Hence, it is best if you take all the advantages that it has to offer and sign up immediately. A profit of $3500 per week is guaranteed if you play your cards well.