A new investor is into town and building a whole block of apartments and he is want to sell them. The usual way of doing that is contacting and real estate dealer and make him an offer about getting clients for those houses. A lot of commission is involved in the process. What if I told you that there is another way of doing it, of finding clients and letting them see the apartments inside and outside without all the hassle. That option is called software for virtual tours and it will be the future way of selling a house.

Let me explain you the process because it’s very simple and easy to use. You take a lot of pictures about the property inside and outside that are relevant to the viewer. After that we use them to create what is called a 3D view of the apartment or of the house. Is basically a way of travelling trough the interior of it using a mouse. All this is done is approximately 15 minutes. After that everyone can see the house you’re selling and you can start attracting potential clients.

Using software for virtual tours is simple for the user too. All one needs is a laptop, internet connection and everything is set. You enter on the site and take the tour like you were actually in that place. Every detail is visible and understandable and everything is done in the comfort of your home. So no need for making appointments for a simple tour when everything can be done in every moment by everyone and for how long they want.

Buying a house and selling one are complicated processes made simple by the software for virtual tours. Try it and see the potential in it for advertising and also prospecting the viable options.