It’s the age of entitlement, everyone wanting something for nothing, little work with big rewards, but maybe just maybe they are onto something. In a fast-paced world where societies expectations are increasing at an exponential rate one can’t help but ask is there an easier way? When most of the worlds wealth is held by the elite 1% crowdfunding is increasingly becoming the answer for many people looking to tap into unlimited wealth of the bored and wealthy.

After all, what is the best way to make money in today’s world, it’s certainly not chaining yourself to a desk and working out your life from 9 to 5, 6 days a week from 18 years old to 65 and then retiring. No today we live in the entrepreneur era where every day is a race to the next big idea, the latest trend, the largest social media topic, the most watched video that can literally make you rich overnight. Why is this change so important I hear you ask? Because our world is changing around us and everyone is still catching up, in a world where cars are driving themselves, robots and serving drinks and living on Mars is actually possible it’s time to rethink what’s normal and start focusing on what really makes money today.

Today in order to make money you need originality! Simply create something that adds value to the world that no one else has yet done effectively. Try in any way possible to catch the world’s attention in more and more ridiculous ways to get noticed. Take this Chicken Giggle Kickstarter campaign for example, in what is literally the most bizarre introduction to a mobile game ever seen in order to stand out from the masses and yet does it get funding? Has it done enough? Has enough money been spent, news articles been written, bloggers been outsourced, for the elite to notice and provide their daily shopping allowance on someone’s dream.

Yes you best believe things are changing and it’s time to focus on the many new ways to make an income because the reality is, soon the average 9-5 may get thrown to the way side and in its place a fast paced cut throat ever changing and flexible work environment will be thrust upon us starting the dawn of the mobile freelance worker where no day is the same as the last and every day is a fight for an income.

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