When it comes to getting a job done there’s a whole list of things to keep in mind as when you think of assigning the work to someone else you’ve got to be sure your clear and precise.

However, when I stumbled upon the site www.traez.com I discovered how to post a trade job the easy way.

Step 1: It’s simple really. You just have to choose the trading service which you want from the five options provided. Then add in the job details with a project name and description. It’s best to be short and concise with your project name. Also, the description should be a sum up of the project name.


Step 2: After keying in the description specify the language skills that are required along with the period of work experience. For example if you need a professional fluent in English with an experience ranging between 1 to 3 years, select the necessary duration.

Service market too should be specified so that depending where your business lies you have the professional from that market. You should also choose the background suited to your job.


Step 3: Choose the appropriate product category. For example if your focus is on caps then you’ll choose something relation to clothing/apparel. The sub-category deals with the substance of the product, whether it should be cloth, plastic, metal etc.

In service location narrows down the area from which you want the product – you can even choose a city if required or keep it to state or country level. The range on the other hand deals with your project’s budget. Followed by the number of bidding days assigned to take up this work on hand.


Step 4: Once you post the job you’ll have different bidders. You can have a look at their professional profile, the bid amount, the delivery time & etc. When you find the suitable professional you can select that person as the winner.post4

Step 5:  Before the professional will start on your job you will have to move the amount to the escrow account.


Step 6: Milestones can be set as per your job requirements so that you get the best possible for the amount you pay. You can ask first for a sample delivery of a certain amount, description and weight. A due date too can be specified.


Thus, you can add your job with necessary specifications of region, category of product, view professional profile, set bids and also have milestones that help you get the best bet for your money along with the satisfaction of having your job done just the way you want it, all thanks to the thoughtfulness of the experts at www.traez.com.

It’s easy, simple and more importantly, gets you the results you want.