Tired of struggling with weak and thin hair?

Learn easy ways to shield your locks from damage and impart them with unbelievable strength!

1. Choose suitable products
Weak hair requires strengthening products in your everyday hair care routine. That’s why you should purchase shampoo and conditioner formulated for weak hair. We recommend going shopping to NYC Hair Salon because they offer a wide variety of professional and high-quality hair products.

2. Shampoo less frequently
Obsessive desire to keep your hair clean can cause serious troubles. Excessively frequent shampooing, sooner or later, leads to dryness due to the lack of natural oils. For this reason, you should change your washing habits and shampoo 2-3 times a week instead.

3. Acknowledge conditioner
Experts at NYC Hair Salon underline the importance of conditioning in good hair maintenance. Our hair needs moisture andinteresting-shampoo_f19a98ebff7f1a77 nourishment, and you can get them with good conditioners. These two elements impart your hair with strength and make it resistant to damage.

4. Put heat styling on pause
Heat styling is much more dangerous for owners of weak hair because this hair type is much more prone to thermal damage. If you really care about your locks, you should keep the use of heated appliances to a minimum. One more thing, always apply thermal protection when you can’t resist a desire to style with heat.

5. Shield from weather extremes
Protection from extreme weather conditions is another element of weak hair maintenance. During the summer season, you should shield your hair from harmful UV rays and sea water. When winter comes, don’t forget to wear a hat and protect it from cold winds and low temperatures.

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