Many people ask:
Why do I manifest the same problems such as stress, challenging people or circumstances in my life?

It is important to seek out whatever the perceived problem or difficulty is trying to teach you. We must find the gift or lesson in each challenge that we are faced with in our lives. The external reality (out there) is simply a reflection of the inner reality; a holographic mirror-like reflection of what you most strongly believe to be true. We have to learn to make a conscious decision to feel inner peace, stillness, love and abundance, no matter what “appears” to be happening to you in the present moment.

This is the identifying mark of true self-mastery and it shows that you have accepted the personal challenge to change yourself from within. If you are still unconsciously reacting in a negative way to life situations with disappointment, anger, fear and/or frustration then you are reinforcing the truth that you have not learned or changed yet. So why then should the outer reality reflect that change for you?

You have unlimited potential to create your vibrational reality; whether it is positive or negative, loving or fear-based. What you strongly believe in you energetically draw into your experience. You are completely free to bring in the added content to whatever neutral objects, sensations, people, places or circumstances are appearing in your space of awareness. You are the center of your own inner perceptions or your own unique YOU-niverse.

The mark of self-mastery is to see, feel, and behave positively even if the external reality is perceived to be negative or undesired. Only then will you have truly transformed because you are no longer concerned about the outside anymore, you remain mindful, loving and detached. Decide how you’re going to feel simply because that is what you choose to feel regardless of what’s going on around you. You may, or may not have control over the events in your life, but you can certainly take control of how you respond to them.

Always give a positive and empowering meaning to everything that you experience. All that we experience is blank or neutral; nothing has any built-in meaning in and of itself. We, as co-creators with the universe are designed with the freedom to give our life experiences ‘meaning’. The meaning we give to our experiences will be the result that we affect we will get out of it. It is very important to pay attention to our assumptions and definitions (in how we define, judge or interpret things that appear in our lives); taking the time to understand that our limited definitions are equivalent to what we believe to be true (but are not the empirical truth).

We shape our own version of reality through beliefs that determine our perceptions, followed by how we respond to those events (based on our thoughts and/or emotions). It all begins with a single choice. You have the power to change your definitions on all levels that don’t work for your peace of mind, empowerment and personal growth. How you define things determines how you will feel and experience them (be it positive or negative). Develop a conscious recognition of the definitions you place on things and your unconscious reactions to them.

When you can consciously do this, you give outside circumstances the true opportunity to change and reflect according to your grounded state of limitless being. If you keep focusing on the ‘expectation’ that the outside reality will change and reflect according to your desires, then you haven’t genuinely changed and therefore the outside will not. Do not seek the outside world to confirm your reality or to validate your existence. Do not make your inner expression of joy and inner peace conditional or dependent on the outside world. Doing so would be like waiting for the reflection in the mirror to smile, before you do. Be in a state of higher cognitive thinking, as this is the true reflection of who and what you represent. Say to yourself that you are peaceful, joyful, adaptable, and empowering in this ‘Now Moment’, then the outside world can have the opportunity to reflect that back to you.

Anon I mus is a teacher on Non-Duality (Oneness) and author of the book ‘The I AM Creation Story’

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