For many east coasters, November- January is a transitional period we dread; our weather is in transition and as well as our executive branch. In Washington DC, we bid adieu to one president and welcome another in frigid conditions. Cold days followed by cold icy nights is no way to celebrate the closure of one of the most contentious election campaigns in US history.

In search of a resort from overexposed political campaigns dominating the airwaves & pondering the unpredictable outcome, I jumped at the opportunity to flee Washington DC and head to paradise to the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort in St Lucia. Having spent many holidays in Hawaii, the Caribbean was a new adventure for me. While it has its own unique flavor with a sprinkle of France and a dash of British flare, St Lucia is a mélange of the best of all worlds. I had four days to make the most of my Caribbean vacation, so I packed my bags and headed for Saint Lucia excited to explore this beautiful island. Why not head to an island where Fantasy meets Gilligan?

Whether looking for a tropical romantic holiday or a family getaway, this 60-acre resort has breathtaking views and accommodation consisting of 322 rooms and 190 villas, and a wide selection of food for even the pickiest of epicureans. From start to finish, this holiday was a thrilling adventure in comfortable living quarters. On my first day, I ventured down to the Water Sports Center and encountered a bright personality named Gordon. With his crisp Lucian accent and cheery demeanor, Gordon is king of the Windjammer beach, and I can’t think of a better captain to steward any oceanic adventures. We took a small boat to a deserted part of the island and spent the next 45 minutes gazing at aquatic life.

After a day of complimentary snorkeling, I ventured back to Labrelotte beach at Windjammer Landing and rolled out my plush towel soaking up the equatorial rays. After a few hours, I swam out to the “hammock in the sea” swaying back and forth in synch with gentle tides. Not once did I think of any “deplorables” or chants of “lock her up.”  As the waves gently brushed against me, I felt a sense of peace.

The rest of my days were spent perched out on the blue comfy beach chairs enjoying the surf and pool. When I wasn’t busy enjoying my holiday, I found time to mingle with the friendly staff at the Windjammer Landing. Always greeting me with a smile and ready to be of service, I found the staff to display the inner calm I felt, and they weren’t on holiday. Was this for real? I found it was. I can tell that the staff was happy to work at Windjammer Landing and in turn they take very good care of the guests.

From my perspective, the resort balances the feeling of a family resort, romantic escape for couples on vacation, and singletons in search of a rocking good time. I met so many lovely families and children from the UK, newlywed couples strolling hand in hand on the beach, and several Americans having a great time at the resort.

While most good things do come to an end, my memories of this magical resort will remain close to my heart for years to come. Paradise is not lost but is alive and well at the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort in St Lucia.

Check out the special offers available here While my accountant may not approve of my suggested annual visit, one thing is for sure; I’ll be saving my pennies & pence so I may one day return to a place forever embedded ie n my sense of serenity and joy.

Sara  Warner is publisher of the National Courts Monitor website, “Your Daily Ration of Civil Justice Rationing,” and a frequent commentator on national legal policy and civil courts issues for Huffington Post.