A Detailed Report on the Fraudulent Activities of the Ambassador of Suriname in India Aashna Wandana Kanhai has been submitted to the US Attorney Office of Southern District of New York Mr. Preet Bharara.

The US Attorney’s office encompasses the boroughs of Manhattan and Bronx in New York City. The office prosecutes cases involving violations of federal laws, and represents the interests of the United States government and its agencies in criminal and civil matters. The Office investigates and prosecutes a borad array of criminal conduct of every concievable magnitude, even when the conduct arises in distance places.

This is of particular interest as it involves the illegal human trafickking of Bangladeshi Nationals from the Embassy of Suriname in India headed by Aashna Wandana Kanhai who is the daughter of Irwin Kanhai who was defending Dino Bouterse the son of the President Desi Bouterse. Incidentally, Preet Bharara also was responsible for announcing charges against Dino Bouterse, the son of the President of Suriname for attempting to provide material support and resources to Hezbollah, a designated terrorist organisation. Bouterse and his friend were previously charged with conspiring to import cocaine into the United States. Dino Bouterse was arrested in Panama on August 29, 2013. The case was assigned to the US District Judge Shira A Scheindlin.

Preet Bharara said: ” Today we add an additional charge of attempting to the alleged crimes connected to conspiracy. We will be relentless in our efforts, working with our law enforcement partners around the world, to pursue and prosecute those who seek to support such organisations.” Irfan Shahibul Mateen ( Chairman of the Board ) DURNITI BIRODHI SANGH (Anti Corruption Awareness Society) MIDAS Centre, Road-16, Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 1209 Bangladesh