Philosophy makes great contributions towards the humankind well-being and the overall betterment of the society at large. The world, since inception has witnessed many great philosophers and public thinkers like the Socrates, Plato, Machiavelli and now, the phenomenal rise of an online community which goes by the name of “The Order of the Roses”.

The online community, headed by Klajdi Plasari, has seen a meteoric rise with over 120,000 people engaging with him daily. Klajdi Plasari has often been referred to as the ‘new’ Machiavellian, a title that no one can take lightly.

Machiavelli frequently delved into the ardent human desire to assume power – reflecting well onto the averse side of our ego driven personalities. But he was another man that had attempted to go against the system – an attempt that had proven to be unsuccessful at the time. However, his writings have inspired people like Klajdi Plasari, to attempt to rectify this world that is driven by incessant self-interest and the hunger for power.

Klajdi Plasari, created this community that now claims a large number of over 120k followers, in the hopes of creating positivity in a world marred by greed, ego, and self-interest. This number continues to grow each day as the positive messages by Klajdi Plasari continue to resonate in the world of social media.

This community, headed by Plasari, has helped innumerable people grow – such personal growth that is guided by the dictums of love, peace, and harmony only proves to be the building blocks of a society that is closely knit. The members of this community continue to enlighten each other with deep introspection into the world of philosophy.

Klajdi Plasari has aimed to overshadow the negative by spreading positive vibes through this community, hoping to lead people towards living happier and more content lives. This community is a true manifestation of a global village as people from all over the world have come together to replenish it.

Following are some of his refreshing quotes:

“Understand: It is utterly foolish to lie to people in high positions of power.”

“Catch-22: Good listeners can also discover your insecurities.”

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